Discrete Tankers

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Discrete Tankers is an amazing puzzle game which will test your logical skills as well as test you on your speed. Based on the 8 queens puzzle, this is an amazing game which will keep you hooked. Solve the 8 Queens Puzzle in 3 different modes and test your speed to do it. And yes, there are more than one solution to this puzzle, lets see how many you can find. Discrete Tankers is an amazing puzzle allowing you to churn your brain and test how good you are against one of the most unique puzzles. This puzzle has many historic stories associated with it. This amazing puzzle game will keep you addicted till you solve this board puzzle. This is a formation used by the huge armies in the past to defeat their enemies. Let the Battlelines be drawn. An amazing puzzle game for the entire family.Place 8 Tankers on the 8*8 Board so that none of the Tankers are in the same line either Vertically, Horizontally or Diagonally. Strategy is one key element. Think as an Army general and you have a battle to win. Place your Tanks in the best possible strategy - the 8 Queens puzzle. It will be as interesting as the Rubix cube puzzle. Try the Discrete Tankers and come up with a Battle Strategy to win. This game has been developed based on the eight queens puzzle which was originally proposed in the 19th century. This game requires eight tankers to be placed strategically across the 8x8 board so that no two tankers are placed in the same row, column or diagonal path. A game which has 92 distinct solutions, this game challenge the players and keep them engaged while they attempt to arrange the tankers so that no two tankers attack one another. This Fun Puzzle Game will test your logical skills. The Puzzle Game Discrete Tankers will set a great Puzzle Game for the entire family. Ask your kids to find more than one solution to this amazing Puzzle Game. The Battle lines are drawn, the board is ready, the game ready, Strategy is yours. Get going.
Uploaded: Jun 17, 2017 Last Download: Mar 16, 2017
Version: 1.00 Downloads: 4
Platform: Android Views: 604
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Category: Puzzle

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