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Bundle is your personal news app gathering thousands of sources from the globe. You can easily find news out about technology, business, magazines, sports or breaking news around the World or on your country by using Bundles neat, grid based, typographic interface and have an exceptional experience in every moment. Get the most popular and carefully picked RSS news feeds by using Bundle in a variety of categories, both for your local and for the global news. Get what you need, where you need it when you visit different countries, Bundle suggests you the most relevant news by recognising your location. Dont miss out on the day - You can check out Hot Bundle to view daily picks of Bundle editors and keep up with the trending stories from various topics. Latest stories Bundle RSS news reader gives you a Time Management feature filter the stories and show you the news only in the last 15-30-60 or 180... mins by your choice. Make it personal You can add your favourite sources under My Bundle and view them all together or just select a specific one for a sole view. Also, Smart Filter feature lets you choose any category and see the related news only on that category. See the latest local stories - Currently supported in The USA, The UK, France, Germany, Japan and Global you can follow whats happening on any news category in those locations. Offline use - No matter you are flying or on the subway, continue reading your loaded news on Bundle even you are offline. Save for later - If you have no time to read an article, just tap to save and read it later any time you would like to. Enhanced search Brings you whatever you are looking for in seconds among all the news, blog, magazines, articles, titles, columnists and more. Get live updates - LiveBundle, one of Bundles new features brings you live updates from some of the most important events in the world that Bundle editors picked. Push notifications - Bundle keeps you notified about the most important world news so you wont miss on the news. The notification service remains active even if you close the app itself?
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