Papaya Fish

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  • Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Try the coolest fish game and have your own fish world now! Whats new? * When asking for help, both players get the full reward for completion. * Reminders for hungry and ill fish - keep your fish healthy. * Friend recommendation. More friends = more fun :) * Fish now look really do look sick or hungry! * UI tweaks and slicker interface. Features: * FREE TO PLAY * Start with raising baby fish, finally building your own aquarium of wonder. * Get experience points when caring for your fish to unlock even more species. * Collect Trophies to show your are true aquarium expert. * True social game with rich interactivity. Visit friends and share your quest with friends. * More than 150 gorgeous marine creatures with more on the way. * Meet, chat and share with other friends who love aquarium fun!
Uploaded: Apr 19, 2017 Last Download: Mar 19, 2013
Version: 1.00 Downloads: 5
Platform: Android Views: 1013
License: Free Company Name
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