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Pool Twist is fun and imaginative mix of Pool and casual puzzle games. Playing this game is simple; you pocket the green balls but beware! The walls move and break, missiles fire, bombs explode, balls morph, and the holes move and teleport balls as you advance through the levels. The game keeps you constantly engaged because you gain access to various tools to help you along the way, including shot vision, double-shot vision and bonus shots. One needs skill, timing, strategy and luck to complete all 70 unique levels of this highly addictive, challenging, family friendly game. The combination of graphics, physics and intuitive user interface will keep you mesmerized for hours. The moment you start playing the first level, you will not want to stop until you have had the experience that all the levels have to offer! CUSTOMER REVIEWS Very enjoyable. Couldnt stop playing till I finished all the levels. If you thought Angry Birds was fun wait till you play this one! Exceptionally realistic simulation of movements. As a result, the game feels very robust and is lots of fun to play. The levels are challenging and keep it interesting. Overall, this is a fabulous game. Very much in the league of Angry Birds If you enjoy pool or any other kind of physics game, download this now. You will not be disappointed.
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