Smart Dresser

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  • Iphone

  • Women

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  • Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

The amazing new Smart Dresser application is now a fully fledged virtual changing room! With a totally overhauled UI and brand new features, Smart Dresser allows you to try on clothes without setting foot in a changing room. So simple and easy to use, its the perfect app to discover how you will look in the latest fashions. Great for everyone from trendy teen fashionistas and shopaholics to busy moms on the go, you can still use it to take pictures of mannequins in shops and try on their outfits too! Try designs from your favourite fashion houses and discover new designers and clothing retailers from all over the world! Save and share outfits youve tried on with your friends via email and Facebook. You can import your body and clothing pictures from the photoroll or camera, as well as download new outfits from Smart Dressers regularly updated database. Smart Dresser is now also available for IPad 2
Uploaded: Apr 19, 2017 Last Download: Dec 29, 2011
Version: 1.00 Downloads: 6
Platform: Iphone Views: 401
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Category: Women

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