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Perfect App Protector PRO - FREE ** All Features of FREE version are same with PRO version! (no limit!) ** Perfect AppLock! Google TOP 20 application. lets you protect any applications you want with a passcode: SMS, Email, Pictures, Camera, USB Connect, Calendar, Messanger...any apps you choose FREE version just include ads. Feautures 1. Lock Apps 2. Screen Filter supports 3. Rotation Lock supports 4. USB lock supports 5. Pattern Password supports * If you have a launcher with two or more,you should select one of those with set to default. * Service restart is required after the upgrade. * Perfect Applock dont support small screen size phone like HTC wildfire. * In order to bulk purchasing,contact developer by email. (KW:app protector,app protector,app protection,protector,protection,security,secure,norton,anti,virus,anti-virus,applocker,app locker,applock,app lock,lock,safe,privacy,application protection,pic lock,image lock,image vault,photo lock,gallery lock,photo vault, photovault,screen filter,privacy filter,filter,rotation lock,lock rotation)
Uploaded: Feb 15, 2017 Last Download: Jan 05, 2012
Version: 1.00 Downloads: 4
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