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With BlueIR you can use your phone as an universal remote control for TV, DVD... BlueIR is a Universal Remote Control for your TV, DVD, AUDIO, SAT, etc. You can use your phone or tablet to control home equipment such as TV, DVD, SAT, etc... It can be used for most devices that understand infrared (IR) remote control signals. Because todays mobiles do not have IR you need to buy BlueIR hardware, without BlueIR hardware remote control does not work! ----------------------------------- Basic features: - About 1000 predefined most used remotes (TV, DVD, SAT, Cable, Audio.). - Take photo of your remote with phone, learn and use it. - LEARN function, you can simply add any of your remote control you have at home. - Jammer function. Block other remotes in room. - Voice recognition feature. You can control TV, DVD, SAT, etc. using voice commands ----------------------------------- Note: - To control TV,DVD,etc.. you need to buy BlueIR device (for more information visit
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